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The trainer should be design to perform learning aspects of the  electrical transmission line.  provided for easy measurement of voltage, current, power, power factor. Students can perform various experiments like short, medium and long transmission line and their behavior. Also one of the important experiment which can be per for med with this training system is Ferranti Effect.

Technical Specification :

The trainer should consist of the following :

· Three Phase Power Supply Unit

· Fault Current Circuit Breaker

· Transmission Line Model

· Power Meter

· Power Factor Meter

· RMS AC  Ammeter

· RMS AC Voltmeter

· Resistive Load

· Capacitive Load

· Inductive Load

· Earth Fault Compensation

The effect of power factor improvement or the efficiency of transmission :

– Operation of lines in parallel using various line connection configurations.

– Locus diagram of Vs for short line with constant current and varying load power factor.

– Verification of a power line on a short line characteristic using a unit p.f variable speed.

– Short line receiving end chart showing load power  and load vars using unit and zero power factor load.

– Verification of performance chart for a given power limit.

– Determination of transmission efficiency.


1.    Three Phase Regulator Power Supply

●    Overcurrent/Leakage protection switch

●    Start and emergency off buttons

●    Working Voltage: 3Ф 415 Vac, 50 Hz

●    Rated Output: 3Ф 415Vac / 10 A

●    Fuse Protection

· Terminals: 4mm safety sockets

2.  System Fault Switch

●    Line to Ground Fault

●    Line to Line Fault

●    Line to Line to Ground Fault

●    Single Conductor Open Fault

●    Double conductor Open Fault

· Fault Through impudence

3.     RCL

●    Induction

●    Resistance

· Capacitance


· Panel Frame

· Fault Current Circuit Breaker

· Safety Connector Lead

· Safety Bridging Plug

· Instruction Manual with Schematic Diagram

· Experiments Manuals

· Model answers and question

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